ventipertrenta2020 – all the artworks

10 11 2020

Ventipertrenta2020 – Opening

7 11 2020

This year our ventipertrenta international digital art festival has reached its sixteenth edition.

Despite the passing of the years it maintains its freshness intact with the participation of artists who are now constant presences and with the entry of new artists who appear for the first time in our world.

Ventipertrenta currently is a consolidated international artistic community which, thanks to all the artists who make it up, continues to investigate on the potential of digital art.

It is an open and lively laboratory that we are proud to have created and we are sure that the public will appreciate the intensity and beauty of the artistic proposal that also this year it is on a very high level.

This is the link to visit ventipertrenta2020

Alfonso Caputo and Laura Castanedo
ventipertrenta Artistic Directors

Ventipertrenta2020 – Opening press release

2 11 2020

Sixteenth edition, of the international festival of digital art “ventipertrenta”.

This year, given the situation and in compliance with safety regulations, the Artistic Direction has established that the event will be exclusively online.

The festival will run from 7 November to 20 December 2020.

We are setting up the exhibition with the works of the participating artists on a specialized platform.

As soon as the set-up is finished we will publish the address of the event.

The general catalog of the “ventipertrenta”, relating to the first fifteen editions, and the catalog of the ventipertrenta2020, relating to this year’s edition, are also almost completed.

Both catalogs will be published online during the festival with dedicated events.

ventipertrenta2020 – Walter Saiani

31 10 2020

Walter Saiani, Brazil, is entered in Ventipertrenta2020.
Welcome Walter in the Ventipertrenta world.

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ventipertrenta2020 – Mauricio Benavides

30 10 2020

Mauricio Benavides, Chile, is entered in Ventipertrenta2020.
Welcome Mauricio in the Ventipertrenta world.

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