ventipertrenta2019 – final results

27 10 2019


resultados finales / final results / risultati finali

* * *

Jurado Internacional / International Jury / Giuria Internazionale

Alfonso Caputo

Laura Castanedo

Margareth Degeling

Elisa de Almeida

* * *

Primer Clasificado y Ganador / First Classified and Winner / Primo Classificato e Vincitore di


Andrea Lopez

“The artist, with excellent technique and with a perfectly harmonious composition, creates images that exceed the limit between dream and reality.”

“La artista, con una técnica excelente y una composición perfectamente armoniosa, crea imágenes que exceden el límite entre el sueño y la realidad”.

L’artista con eccellente tecnica e con una composizione perfettamente armonica crea immagini che superano il limite tra sogno e realtà”

* * * * * * * * *

Categoría Arte Digital / Digital Art Category / Categoria Arte Digitale

Primer clasificado / First classified / Primo classificato

Heleen Van Tilburg

Gran oficio detras de cada pieza que denota perfecto control de la tecnica. Es muy impactante el resultado final.”

Great job behind every piece that denotes perfect control of the technique. The final result is very impressive.”

Grande lavoro dietro ogni pezzo che indica un perfetto controllo della tecnica. Il risultato finale è di forte impatto.”

* * *

Segundo clasificado / Second classified / Secondo classificato

Rosemary Golcher

La artista ha demostrado muy fuerte capacidad de composición y una muy buena ejecución.”

The artist have shown very strong composing ability and a very good execution.”

L’artista ha dimostrato una forte capacità di composizione e una ottima esecuzione.”

* * *

Tercer clasificado / Third classified / Terzo classificato

Emanuele Gentile

Gran técnica y capacidad de control del resultado final.”

Great technique and ability of control of the final result.”

Grande tecnica e capacità di controllo del risultato finale.”

* * * * * * * * *

Categoría Fotografía Digital / Digital Photography Category / Categoria Fotografia Digitale

Primer clasificado / First classified / Primo classificato

Giancarla Lorenzini

Very high technical skill of observation and execution that highlights the total control of the chosen artistic medium. The final result is excellent.”

Muy alta habilidad técnica de observación y ejecución que destaca el control total del medio artístico elegido. El resultado final es excelente.”

Elevatissima abilità tecnica di osservazione ed esecuzione che evidenzia il totale controllo del mezzo artistico scelto. Eccellente il risultato finale.”

* * *

Segundo clasificado / Second classified / Secondo classificato

Trillizos Torres Pacheco

Perfect control of the technique. The final result is poetic and with a strong photographic vision.”

Control perfecto de la técnica. El resultado final es poético y con una fuerte visión fotográfica.”

Controllo perfetto della tecnica. Il risultato finale è poetico e con una forte visione fotografica.”

* * *

Tercer clasificado / Third classified / Terzo classificato

Maristella Angeli

Intense images that represent a reality in a deep way and strongly stimulate the observer.”

Imágenes intensas que representan una realidad de una manera profunda y estimulan fuertemente al observador”.

Immagini intense che rappresentano una realtà in modo profondo e stimolano fortemente l’osservatore.”

* * * * * * * * *

Jurado Popular / Popular Jury / Giuria Popolare

Primer clasificado / First classified / Primo classificato

Rosemary Golcher

* * *

Segundo clasificado / Second classified / Secondo classificato

Emanuele Gentile

* * *

Tercer clasificado / Third classified / Terzo classificato

Oscar Garriga

ventipertrenta2019 – opening photos

6 10 2019

ventipertrenta2019 – opening

5 10 2019

Terra dell’Arte and the MIDAC remind to all their friends that today, October 5th at 7:00 pm, at Palazzo Bonfranceschi, via Cavour, 14, historical center of Belforte del Chienti, will be held the opening of ventipertrenta2019.

We await many of you like always.

ventipertrenta2019 – registrations closed

1 10 2019

Entries for the fifteenth edition of Ventipertrenta are closed.
We remind all visitors of the site that it will be possible to continue to vote the artists on our website until Sunday, October 20th.
Each visitor can vote for all the artists he wants, but he can vote only one time for each artist.
The repeated votes will not be counted.
Thanks to everyone, artists and visitors, for the great participation and the great interest.
In the next few days the official press release will be published with all the details of the festival which will open on Saturday 5 October 2019.

ventipertrenta2019 – the poster

20 07 2019

Opening of entries in ventipertrenta2019

18 07 2019

In this fifteenth edition ventipertrenta will be organized by categories:

  • Digital Art

  • Digital Photography

Digital Art
This category includes all the works obtained through digital intervention.

Digital Photography
This category includes digital photographs. To be considered as such should not have been handled affecting its photographic nature.

How to participate

Each artist can participate in only one category with two works.
The artist must fill in the online entry form and send the files works (jpg) and the receipt of the registration fee to the following address:
Will be rejected artists who will propose works that contain elements offensive or discriminatory in terms of religious, political or sexual.

The artists have to complete the following actions, before
September 30th 2019:
fill in the online entry form
– send the images
– pay the participation fee

For all the information, to download the rules and fill out the online form, click here.

ventipertrenta2018 – award ceremony video

9 12 2018