Opening of entries in ventipertrenta2017

22 06 2017

In this thirteenth edition ventipertrenta will be organized by categories:

  1. Digital Art

  2. Digital Photography

Digital Art

This category includes all the works obtained through digital intervention.

Digital Photography

This category includes digital photographs. To be considered as such should not have been handled affecting its photographic nature.

How to participate

Each artist can participate in only one category with two works.

The artist must fill in the online entry form and send the files works (jpg) and the receipt of the registration fee to the following address:

Will be rejected artists who will propose works that contain elements offensive or discriminatory in terms of religious, political or sexual.


The artists have to complete the following actions, before September 24th, 2017:

– fill in the online entry form

– send the images

– pay the participation fee

Note: all the artists who have already participated in Ventipertrenta or another project of Terra dell’Arte (Ars Latina, Tierra de Artistas, The Big Read – Fahrenheit 451) don’t have to pay the registration fee.

For all the information, to download the rules and fill out the online form, click here.




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